Pictures from the next trial fits.... there were many.


Here you can see the motor mount in the process of being trial fit. I have tacked the 1/4" plate between the bracket arms, and then tried it for fit - it looked fine, so I marked the outer edge of the plate and cut it from the square corners to a more rounded finished piece. I also made sure the power steering lines wouldn't have problems with the new mount. You can see the neat a/c and power steering bracket I found for the engine! Also, you can see the diagnostic plug at the right. The tachometer receives it's signal from the pickup mounted on the engine through the diagnostic plug cap, which has some circuitry in it. I had trouble with the cap making intermittent connection- I took it apart and discovered the retaining clips had gotten tired, so I repaired it by making little plastic wedges for each clip pair. This ensures the connector pins are properly retained.

Here's a shot of the engine's left side - you can see the exhaust manifold I made, and also the transmission selector arm and lengthened shift rod. The total throw on the old transmission shift arm was 3 5/8, so I made the arm's length just right to produce the same throw on the new transmission. Also notice the cruise control actuator mounted on the V6. The dead diesel is in the background.

Here's the throttle cable mount and modification. I put all the pieces close to the firewall, to reduce stress on the nylon bearing. The Toyota cable sector is welded behind the original Mercedes piece, and the cable mounting plate is mounted first, behind everything else. I used a 1994 Toyota Tercel throttle cable, which was just about right for the application - it fit the engine just fine, and loops around the TBI unit just about right to go to the firewall. (The cable connects to the engine from the front.)


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